In all advanced countries in any field, the first topic that is very significant and important is the topic of education, the way of teaching and how to convey the content, taking into account the age, gender, position and type of activity of the audience to lay the groundwork for their growth and promotion, which ultimately It is considered that the system and collection will grow and upgrade. What material should be taught at what level and at what time to which person so that he can empower himself and his work group is our main goal in this part of the company's activity. By holding orientation, educational, practical, scientific and technical classes and... in one-day, three-day courses, sending abroad and participating in technical and practical courses by obtaining valid certificates from professional centers, conducting educational tours. Inside and outside the country, we will synchronize and accompany you and the collections under your command with the intellectual and practical systems of the world in order to reach the best possible conditions in the productivity and provision of agricultural and industrial production services and activities. We will be with you to create production management and post-production management with a better look and conditions

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