In all production activities, the final stage is the sale of the product and reaching peace for reasonable income and creating value for the results of efforts and a set of efforts made in an economic activity, which may be agricultural, industrial or service production. Finding the most suitable potentials for providing the product, goods or services produced at the best time will help the offered price and the requested quality and quantity meet the best situation for both the producer and the consumer. Our group's effort in this part of its activities is to help different producers at the micro and macro levels to find the most suitable domestic and foreign markets, so that by using the available facilities and potentials, we can establish a rational sales mechanism for goods and services. By respecting the rules and regulations of trade, we will facilitate standards and side costs for you. Let's turn business into a safe and valuable activity with synchronization and companionship and create the circulation of goods and services as well as create the most suitable income from this route for the applicants.

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