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Farian is an international trading company that supplies Iranian products in several categories to international markets. Modifying the packaging structure and creating a suitable showcase for the products are among the activities of this company. Farian has previously worked in the field of agriculture and food industry. But today, this company's marketing covers almost all industries. Farian is now ready to sign contracts with manufacturers to export their products to global markets.

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Expert advice: +989141960890
Marketing and sales: +989140448186
Support: +989149470278
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Establish branches and agencies

With the coordination of the company's management, it is possible to create short-term and long-term activities inside and outside the country according to the laws of each region and has the rules of special joint stock companies.

Obtaining bank admissions

With the appropriateness of the project and consulting in the surface, administrative and banking systems, the company will take action to obtain appropriate facilities based on the type, area and strength of financial capital.

Create proper productivity

By studying and providing appropriate advice, your projects, regardless of the existing conditions, will be optimized and efficient by our management team to achieve growth in their human and financial management.

Marketing and advertising consulting

The specifications and documentation of your product and services are designed in the best way with the help of experienced experts in the field of marketing of Farian Company and are introduced in domestic and foreign markets in accordance with international standards.

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