Agriculture has occupied one of the largest fields in the vast world for a long time, and most of the cultivated and harvested crops have played a very important role in ensuring the food security of humanity, and even a tool for implementing various policies of large and small countries in the eras of Peace is war. The food contribution of humans is mostly in crops.

In the simplest classification of agricultural products, there are rainfed agriculture (rainfed cereals, rainfed legumes, etc.), irrigated agriculture (rainfed cereals, dry legumes, dry fodder, etc.) and industrial agriculture (cotton, sugar beet, fodder corn, etc.). ...) are divided. How to choose the land, soil and water tests, basic preparation of the land according to the texture of the soil, choosing the type of seed and care during cultivation and harvesting and finally the way to collect the product are among the things that sometimes cause differences of several thousand kilos in the conditions It provides equal enjoyment of land and water in two separate areas. Be with us to choose the best possible land, seeds, planting and harvesting technology, and finally get the most out of your options.

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