Medicinal plants are as old as humanity, collective communication and disease solutions based on living conditions by using medicinal plants around their environment. Every plant that can be seen and sometimes is considered a plant or a weed in our opinion, has an effective and effective substance to cure diseases or a valuable food and strengthening substance to provide and strengthen an important and essential part. It is in the growth and development of human organs and organs. In this regard, science and humanity's awareness about the discovery, extraction, processing, shaping, type of use, utilization and consumption of these effective substances has created the position of its types in different societies. In different classifications, medicinal and aromatic plants are divided into aromatic and medicinal spices (saffron, turmeric, cinnamon, etc.), shrubs (barberry, etc.), root and tuberous (ginger, licorice, etc.). ..) food supplements (bitter melon, etc.), stem and drink (celery, etc.) and other different classifications, we divide them according to the type of use and their use. And in terms of consumption and use in different forms, including: direct consumption, tablets and capsules, powder, syrup, tea, spirits, essences, soap, cream, ointments and other other methods.

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