At the beginning of human life on earth, domesticating different animals to use their power and energy as well as to supply their food needs formed a part of human life and keeping them as a herd in a part of human history was influential for shaping It has been a human life cycle throughout history.

In one of the divisions, livestock are divided according to the weight and amount of meat production and other human needs into heavy livestock (cows, buffaloes, camels, ostriches, etc.), light livestock (sheep, goats, etc.) (meat and egg-laying, etc.) and poultry (turkey, goose, duck, etc.) and besides that, the use of aquatic animals has entered the food basket as another part of the suppliers of human food needs, along with livestock. Is.

Aquatics in one of the forms cold water (trout, etc.) and warm water (salmon, calica, carp, etc.) and others (shrimp, crab, leech, etc.) offer their nutritional and medicinal aspects to humans. do

Breeding as well as various uses of livestock and aquatic animals in open and closed environments has a wide industry in design, supply, manufacture and production and processing of products, in this collection we will respond to the needs of interested people with the coordination and coordination of expert and capable experts.

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