Sturgeon and beluga fish

Beluga fish eggs are the most valuable caviar in terms of nutritional value, quality and granulation, and this has made Beluga fish famous. Caviar of this type of fish is known all over the world as the best type of caviar. The meat and skin of this fish has a high nutritional value and has always had its own fans. There are no harmful compounds in the meat of this type of fish, and this has made its meat even raw. This type of fish is one of the excellent sources for providing protein to the human body, and it restores muscle, blood production, skin beauty and body health. Dried beluga fish meat is rich in iron and by consuming one serving, it provides iron needed for a day. The skin and liver of this fish is also a rich source of vitamin A and provides seven times the amount required by the body with one serving. This type of fish can be fried, grilled, boiled, smoked and even eaten raw.

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